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We are Bulls United, a team of six members from the University of South Florida's Public Relations Student Society of America committed to promoting civil discourse within our profession. 



As participants in the 2021 Bateman Competition, our campaign is dedicated to educate and encourage public relations specialists in the Tampa Bay area to combat incivility in the workplace. 


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Incivility Affects


Incivility Affects

93% of Americans identify an incivility problem in the country.

—  Civility in America



Diversity and inclusion are vital to the success of the public relations profession, our organizations, and the communities in which we live and work. As public relations professionals, we play a vital role in carrying this forward.  


Join our panel of Public Relations leaders from PRSA Tampa Bay for an interactive discussion on diversity and inclusion and communications in the workplace. We will also explore the connection between diversity, inclusivity and civility, as well the many ways the concept of civil communications intersects with our work as communicators.


All attendees will be entered for the chance to win a $50 Publix gift card.


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Sign our Pledge

We, public relation practitioners, are coming together to address incivility in the industry. When incivility is present in our industry, we are unable to promote the message and goals of our clients and partners fully and effectively. We are committed to addressing what incivility looks like in the industry and actively providing the tools to improve.

We pledge to increase civility in the workplace by educating ourselves with workshops, training courses and real-life application of those skills learned.



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